"What if the key to unlocking your true authentic power,  to opening up your heart deeply to love, 
to finding the confidence to go after everything you want in your life lies hidden in your shadow?"

Debbie Ford

If you are ready to engage in a life-changing conversation, unlock the mystery of your dark side, understand what robs you of your self-respect, courage, creativity, and dreams and begin the journey back home to yourself where you can reclaim your power, your brilliance, and your deepest purpose, then we invite you to experience "The Gold Is In The Dark!"

In this rare audio package:

  • Listen to Debbie Ford as she started her groundbreaking career as a pioneer and expert on the human shadow.
  • Explore the shadow's impact on every aspect of your life.
  • Discover the profound and life-changing gifts available to you if you are willing to understand and illuminate your dark side

This unique offering is designed for you to discover that you have everything you need within to have a better relationship with your body, create more love, money, fun, and an unimaginable future of freedom and fulfillment. We invite you to join us on this journey to wholeness.

Item 1: The Gold Is In The Dark Lecture

Listen to the lecture that launched an entire movement! Recorded live at the first lecture Debbie Ford gave at the Chopra Center for Well Being at the beginning of her career. Join Debbie as she shares the keys to embracing your shadows, taking back your projections, and achieving emotional wholeness.

Five Bonus Items! Shadow Talk Recordings

Experience the evolution of shadow work through the years! We all have a shadow and it impacts every area and situation of our lives! Join Ford Institute CEO and Program Leader Kelley Kosow as she applies the principles of shadow work to five of the most significant areas of your life.

These bonuses are audios (MP3), worksheets (PDF), and Shadow Challenges (PDF) that are immediately available online from The Ford Institute.

Bonus 1: The Shadow of Money
Explore the current condition of your relationship with money as it exists right now and "envision" your desired relationship with money.

Bonus 2: The Shadow of Your Body
Unconceal the beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck in patterns of the past and open up to feeling stronger and more inspired by your body.

Bonus 3: The Shadow of Relationships
Illuminate the beliefs, habits, and programming stored in your shadow that dictate the quality of your relationships.

Bonus 4: The Shadow of Your Future
Discover the Shadow Beliefs that set the course of your life and become the self-fulfilling prophecies that determine your future.

Bonus 5: The Shadow of Fun
Examine how much fun you experience in your life and find your shadow in your thoughts, beliefs, fears and choices.