We all have a shadow and it impacts every area and situation of our lives! Join Ford Institute CEO and Program Leader Kelley Kosow as she applies the principles of shadow work to the relationships in your life.

In this audio package presenting life-changing concepts and powerful inner processes, explore the human shadow and how it affects your relationships. Uncover and make peace with the feelings, beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you from receiving the love you deeply desire.

  • View yourself and your life through new eyes.
  • Understand how the pain, traumas, failures, and perceived weaknesses of your past have in fact been your greatest teachers, giving you the wisdom you need to discover and experience real love and intimacy.
  • Illuminate the beliefs, habits, and programming stored in your shadow that dictate the quality of your relationships.
  • Learn how to embrace all of who you have been while stepping into the enormity of who you really are.

Receive six 60-minute audio recordings (MP3), worksheets (PDF), and Shadow Challenges (PDF) for the following topics, immediately available online from The Ford Institute.

  • The Shadow of Your Relationships        
  • The Shadow of Loneliness           
  • The Shadow of Sexuality  
  • The Shadow of Romance
  • The Shadow of Falling In Love    
  • The Shadow of the Single Life & Finding Love