“After attending The Shadow Process I had the courage to change my life completely. I quit my job, rented my house, and signed up to be a traveling speech therapist. This was HUGE! I was just so clear about my path after the workshop and even though I was scared, I pushed through and have done things I never thought possible.” ~ Ann, West Virginia

“NOTHING by any stretch of imagination could have prepared me for the incredibly profound and personal healing experience. Truly, this is a weekend designed to change your life forever. The work is BRILLIANT, the personal transformation process is like nothing I've ever encountered, and the people who show up alongside you are of the highest quality human beings you'll ever find.” ~ Rosa, Connecticut

“It is like the door of the cage is open. It is a BIG BIG change. I didn't expect it and I can never say thank you enough.” ~ Diana, California

“I peeled back so many layers of unresolved issues that years of therapy and support groups didn’t resolve. The biggest thing I gained was finding forgiveness for family members who have passed and even for myself. I never thought I would be able to gain that in one weekend. Knowing it is one thing, but doing it and feeling it – a weight is completely lifted off your shoulders.” ~ Karen, Pennsylvania

“I was constantly judgmental, angry and unhappy, but now I am really blown away by the workshop. It’s just extraordinary. I’m a lot calmer, and I have better self-talk. I am not beating myself up. And when I talk with people, I am not afraid – I am assertive. I’m still in awe. It’s so amazing.” ~ Maureen, Ontario

"You have changed my life. My wildest dreams are coming true. I thank The Shadow Process for changing my life. I didn't know I could feel this good!" – Jean, Rhode Island

"This is the Most Amazing 3 Day Workshop! If you can only make one workshop this year, this is the one to attend! You and the way you experience your life will be powerfully shifted. Do it - you are so worth it!" ~ Michael, Florida