The Ford Institute empowers and awakens individuals and organizations throughout the world by offering unique training and educational programs that transform lives. We provide our students and clients with the tools, perspectives, knowledge, and coaching that allow them to develop authentic, abundant, joyful, and fully integrated lives.

Founded by New York Times best-selling author Debbie Ford in 2000, The Ford Institute has helped tens of thousands of people to transform their lives in fulfilling and enriching ways. Employing a highly effective, leading-edge approach based on integrity, authenticity, and clear, direct communication, The Ford Institute offers a variety of personal development courses, professional coaching training, and corporate programs.  Our students and clients have a strong desire to expand their horizons personally, professionally, and spiritually while seeking to contribute back to the betterment of the world.

We offer virtual and in-person trainings and workshops and customize programs to meet a corporation’s or organization’s needs and desires.  In all of our programs, we use a combination of lecture, personal sharing, guided meditations and visualizations, interactive exercises, proven processes, and laser-sharp coaching that go far beyond traditional forms of education and training into life-transforming experiences of individual growth and collective expansion. Our intention is that through every interaction, you will be encouraged to cultivate a greater capacity to understand yourself, interact productively with others, and evolve into expanded levels of consciousness to live a fuller, more contributive, and rewarding life. 


“We live in a time when questions pertaining to one's personal dreams and goals often co-exist with a desire to make a difference in the world -- a world that is hungry for each one of us to attain and fulfill our highest human potential. So what will it take to get there?

The Ford Institute has developed a cutting-edge technology for reaching heights that were once unimaginable, opening doors to new realities and fostering new ways of looking at oneself and the world. This extraordinary collection of programs guarantees you the opportunity to maximize your personal and professional potential.

If you are asking, "What's possible in the next evolution of my life? And how can I contribute my own unique gifts to the world?" then the programs of The Ford Institute are the response, providing training in the very capacities that are most needed for the 21st century -- integrity, authenticity, emotional wholeness, and skillful straight communication. In addition to personal advancements and exciting new professional opportunities, each program is designed to continually reveal and release limiting beliefs and behaviors, so you can experience greater levels of self-acceptance, self-assurance, achievement and peace.  These exceptional programs in spiritual and emotional education are a call to create a vision for extraordinary possibilities and sustainable solutions to be realized in our time."  


All of our personal growth and transformational programs are designed to enhance your ability to access your own resources of inner wisdom, deepen your levels of confidence, acceptance and compassion, awaken you to new, expansive, and compelling vision of possibilities, and provide you with tools, techniques and concepts that will support continued life-long personal, spiritual and emotional transformation.

We train you to:

  • Navigate and master your internal world so your external world will shift. 
  • Propel yourself out your conditioning and rewire your operating system so you can live at the highest levels of responsibility, integrity, and possibility.
  • Go beyond your mind and your wounded ego into a place where you have all the answers you need so you can connect with your soul’s purpose.
  • Translate your insights into action.
  • Embrace and integrate your whole self.
  • See your deepest desires
  • Become an expert in your own life
  • Unhook from anything that no longer serves you
  • Step into new levels of excellence, brilliance, and power and step into life’s challenges rather than resisting them so you can transform them into fuel for an inspiring future.
  • Become unrecognizable and reach unimaginable heights.

We train you to turn your dreams into reality!


Train to Transform the Lives of Others: Become an Integrative Coach

A significant number of the people who train with us become so turned on and lit up by the changes they experience in their own lives that they feel called to share it with others. We provide a year-long curriculum that leads you through a step-by-step process that supports you in transforming your life and then learning the skills, tools, concepts, and techniques that will empower you to transform the lives of others.  To learn more, explore the Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Training.

Train to Transform Your Professional Life

Whether you're an individual who desires to become a Certified Integrative Coach, an already-licensed therapist, social worker, or life coach wanting to expand the depth and breadth of your existing practice, or some other professional wanting to learns skills and perspectives that will positively impact your career, training in our highly effective and transformative coaching distinctions and processes is a life-changing endeavor. Brokers, doctors, lawyers, artists, salespeople, teachers, CEOs, visionaries, and professionals from all fields are realizing that the amount of success, balance, and fulfillment they experience are dependent on relationships with others as well as with themselves. Our life-changing tools, skills, and concepts deliver unparalleled levels of abundance, creativity, and satisfaction in their professional lives. To learn more, explore the Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Training.

Transform Your Organization and Corporate Culture

Committed to achieving maximum results, inspiring a vital and connected corporate culture, and igniting an economy of possibilities, we employ an action-oriented, integrative approach to work with organizations and corporations dedicated to transforming challenges and busting through obstacles to achieve excellence in all aspects of their business. Using presentations, workshops, immersion programs, consulting relationships, and laser-coaching, we work with your team to customize a program or plan. Knowing that “the whole is only as strong as the sum of its parts,” we work from the inside out, starting with the individual.  Using core concepts such as vision, responsibility, integrity, impeccability, authenticity, action, and accountability, individuals are asked to look through new eyes not only at what they are doing but also at who they are being and the impact this has on those around them, the collective, and the workplace as a whole. Experts in unconcealing the corporate shadow and lifting the corporate veil, our work unmasks the thoughts, beliefs, actions, and sabotaging patterns that limit a corporation and impact the individuals, culture, clients, and bottom-line results. By stepping into new ways of being, functioning and relating, your organization will experience unprecedented levels of positivity, productivity, and profitability! To learn more, explore our programs for Corporations and Organizations.


We are a worldwide global community committed to bringing emotional and spiritual education to the world. We have joined together through this life-changing work to support each other in living our greatest dreams. It is our great honor to hold people through their toughest times and guide them to fulfilling their souls purpose.

A community of like-minded people can take on any challenge and inspire those around them to greatness. It is our joy to share our imperfections and struggles as well as our gifts and our perfection to serve the growth of others. Our hearts join as one to hold the betterment of our world through education, training and service.

If you would like become a part of our global community please sign up for our weekly newsletter. Connect with us through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our workshops or our programs. We can promise you that here you will find authentic friendships that will last a lifetime.


The Ford Institute offers a wide range of programs designed to accommodate participation by students from around the globe.  Combining advanced telephone and Internet technologies to maximize flexibility and convenience, this teaching format creates a global virtual classroom that is bridging geographic, cultural and social divides.

Our Classroom Without Walls is delivered through the cutting edge MaestroConference and Instant Teleseminar teleconference platforms, which accommodate both traditional carrier and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Packet) phone technologies.  No matter where you are in the world, this system can allow you to easily and inexpensively take part in our programs.  Dial in each week from the comfort of your own home or office and be connected with students and faculty from around the world.  All conference calls are also recorded so that you'll never have to miss a session, and can go back and listen to the material as often as desired.

All you have to do is show up and we will guide you step-by-step to a destination beyond your wildest dreams.