Do you want to radically transform your life?

Do you want to support others in doing the same?

Have you been aching for “something more’… a life of purpose and meaning?

Are you ready to claim your brilliance and manifest the calling of your soul?

Have you been looking for a career that you can tailor-make to fit your life?  One you can do from anywhere with clients anywhere around the globe since all you need is a phone?


If you are ready to be lit up from the inside out and be a catalyst of change in the world,
then the Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Training is for you!

Be trained in the skills, concepts, and presence to serve as an emotional educator, spiritual guide, and facilitator of transformation!

The Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Training is an impeccable training that provides a high degree of specialized instruction in a proven, unparalleled, one-on-one coaching method, delivered over the phone, that empowers you to guide others from limitation and longing to unlimited possibility!

This program is:

Expansive: Master life skills, concepts, and tools that will radically alter your relationships, as well as your way of being and behaving in the world and transform your perspective about yourself, your past, purpose, potential.

Experiential: Develop your coaching skills with practice client relationships accompanied by invaluable support and feedback from experienced Certified Coaches and Staff.

Exclusive: Join a group of highly-skilled and impeccably trained professionals and become part of a worldwide community dedicated to a global shift in consciousness.

Exceptional: Enroll in a life coach training program that is highly regarded, internationally recognized, and considered one of the best in the world!

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Why study and share the shadow?

Shadow work is rapidly becoming known as one of the most powerful and effective transformational modalities of our time. Your life is determined by a set of assumptions, core beliefs, behaviors, and habits that were birthed out of shame and are now hidden in the shadow of your unconscious mind, affecting your relationships, your bank account, your body, and blocking your true potential. These often hidden and rejected parts of yourself create the limited view from which you see yourself and experience the world. Imagine if instead of being controlled by your shadows, you could step outside of them and finally follow the sacred path you were meant to live – the path of your soul. It is then that you can finally realize your innate purpose, your capacity for greatness, and a sense of authentic aliveness. You can dance in the delight of liberation. Rooted in your newfound strength, you discover that you have everything you need and open up to new levels of self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-worth and ultimately self – love!

Become an Integrative Coach!

For help registering or if you have other questions,
write to us at
or call (800) 780-9198
Outside the U.S. call (310) 818-4110

To become a Breakthrough Shadow Coach, you must successfully complete an in-depth year-long training which is recognized as one of the most insightful in the industry and includes hands-on coaching, interactive group work, and one-on-one supervision of actual coaching sessions

Radical Reinvention

Experience Breakthrough Shadow Coaching as a client as you learn the unique aim and approach of Breakthrough Shadow Coaching. Study the key distinctions that will support you in being a catalyst for change in the world.
Life Skills Program

Learn the most effective and empowering coaching and communication skills in the world today. During the program you will master skills that will not only aid you in being a top-notch coach, but will also impact how you show up in every area of your life and all your interactions and relationships.
Coaching Immersion

Enter into one-on-one coaching relationships with fellow student coaches as well as outside practice clients where you will coach and be coached through this life-changing coaching model. In this program, not only will you apply all of the skills, tools, and techniques needed to expertly coach others, but you will also be observed by highly-trained coach mentors and be given valuable feedback that will take your skills to the next level.

Demonstrate that you have attained mastery of the needed knowledge, skills, and presence by being guided through a review and assessment process to ensure that you are effectively using the skills and distinctions of Breakthrough Shadow Coaching to deliver extraordinary results to your clients.

Be guided through a 12-week transformational program to seal in your training and reclaim your power to choose your life and your future.
The Shadow Process Workshop
September 14th-16th, 2018 - Miami, Florida

In the life-changing process delivered at an exclusive in-person retreat, make peace with the whole range of your human emotions. Befriend your grief, your sadness, your loneliness, and your anger. Own the parts of yourself that continue to rob you of love, intimacy, and success and learn to unconditionally love and accept all that you can be. Bask in the light of your highest self and stand powerfully in a future fueled by your love, confidence, passion, and truth. Let go, surrender, and emerge into the greatest evolution of yourself. Open up to a life free from shame, fear, guilt, and the limitations of your past.

The Shadow Process is a live, in-person workshop which you are required to complete anytime before certification. You will attend the other programs over the phone or Internet in a global virtual classroom on the newest interactive communication platform. Attendance is expected but if you miss a call, recordings as well as other resources are available on a private course website.

Each program you complete fulfills the requirements of the year-long training and every penny you spend on tuition for each of the programs will apply to the full cost of the training.

You can plan on spending approximately 4 hours per week for Every Choice Matters, Radical Reinvention, and the Life Skills Program, 6-8 hours per week for Immersion and 4 hours per week for the Practicum.

You must successfully complete all six programs to receive your certification.

Program Delivery

The Ford Institute delivers the Breakthrough Shadow Coaching in an online learning platform where you can:

Learn Anywhere: Our online learning platform can be accessed from anywhere around the world on any device. 

Learn Anytime: Course materials are released every Monday morning at 9 AM Pacific but it’s up to you to decide when you want to complete your coursework within that week.

For help registering or if you have other questions,
write to us at
or call (800) 780-9198
Outside the U.S. call (310) 818-4110


The training is world class and only for students who no longer want to dabble but want to be a powerful co-creator in their transformational process.” ~Therese, California

“I started this work feeling uncertain about myself and disconnected. Somewhere deep inside I knew there was a strong confident loving person who wanted to help others. I’m in awe.  Not only did the training provide me with the extraordinary skills to become a world-class coach, it helped guide me to my power. This coaching program isn’t just about learning effective coaching skills, it’s about healing your heart and removing all that gets in the way of you standing in your light.  My life has been forever changed.” ~ Jennifer, Ontario

“I feel like a different person than I was last year when I enrolled in the training.  This has, no doubt, been the best year of my life. I feel much more integrated.  I have regained my passion for life, am grateful for everything I went through, and feel happy and joyous.  Those were the goals I had last year!” ~ Lidia, Massachusetts

Over the past few years, I have taken many other trainings and none of these programs rose to the level of clarity, depth, organization, and support that I found in The Ford Institute programs. The tightness of the programs creates deep safety which allows me to thrive and learn SO much.” ~ Ann Marie, New York

The principles, standards, classes, and staff of the The Ford Institute have transformed my life both personally and professionally. Their commitment to the continuation of Debbie Ford's legacy to educate and transform lives is honest, heartfelt and of the highest integrity.” ~ Susan, Ontario

“The Ford Institute teaches a method of coaching that completely submerges the students in an ethical, honest coaching educational experience that allows them to reach certification with a complete knowledge of coaching individuals to be the best selves they can be.” ~ Louise, Denmark

For help registering or if you have other questions,
write to us at
or call (800) 780-9198
Outside the U.S. call (310) 818-4110


The total tuition for the Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Training is $11,750. To register, you will pay a deposit of $1,000. This deposit holds your place in the training and initiates the admissions process. As part of the admissions process, you will decide how to pay the remainder of your tuition ($10,750). It may be paid in a lump sum payment (for which you receive a 10% discount) or on a monthly payment plan.

Installments Starting In:Number of Monthly InstallmentsAmount
August 201814$795
September 201813$850
October 201812$920
November 201811$1,000
Note: The payment plans include a payment plan finance charge of approximately $25 per month.

If you have already paid tuition for any of the required programs, we will prepare a customized payment plan that reflects the tuition you have already paid toward the full cost of the training.

For help registering or if you have other questions,
write to us at
or call (800) 780-9198
Outside the U.S. call (310) 818-4110